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About us

Graeme Smith, DC

Graeme Smith, is the founder and owner of Smith Chiropractic and Sports Rehab. For the past 17 years Dr. Smith has focused on teaching patients the importance of mobility and stability to optimize the body's strength and power. As a follower of fitness trends, Dr. Smith is always looking for improved ways to train and after his first experience with kettlebells, he was hooked. He went onto become a certified kettlebell instructor through the Strong First School of Strength. Dr. Smith is excited to help people achieve their fitness goals while experiencing the full-body benefits kettlebells have to offer.       

what we do

Kettlebell Fix offers fitness courses ranging from beginner to expert and teaches the fundamental moves used when exercising with a kettlebell. In your first course you will be instructed on how to safely handle kettlebells, be introduced to the basic moves, and learn how to maximize your workout. As you progress through classes you will gain confidence and be able to take on more advanced moves.

what it's all about

It begins with the swing and ends with the swing. During each swing, every muscle group in your body gets activated with an emphasis on the posterior chain. Strengthening of our posterior chain is essential to good posture, when these muscles begin to weaken our posture begins to suffer. A proper swing involves bending at the hips, rather than the knees, creating a strong contraction/thrust of the glutes to propel the kettlebell upward. Your lats and abdominals help control the kettlebell while transitioning from upswing to downswing. It’s all about repetition to help maintain the strength of those muscle groups. Swings can be done with one or two hands and can be combined with cleans and overhead snatches to involve the pectoral muscles and traps. The motion of the swing is a full body movement, which provides strength/conditioning, mobility, power and endurance. 

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